Quick Dram: The Balvenie Golden Cask

I will always have a warm corner in my heart for The Balvenie. A few years ago, i didn’t really like whisky. The truth is that i did like whisky, but i didn’t know it… Until then i tasted only bad blends and no wonder i didn’t find them very thrilling. Until one day i visited my good friend Kfir. Kfir had a few malts back then in his cabinet, and he suggested we try the Balvenie double wood. i sipped it, and fell in love immediately. A few weeks later i got my first whisky and guess what it was. The Balvenie double wood. Since then all is history, and i haven’t looked back. My malt mania got ignited, and the fire is still burning as strong as ever. So, Thank you the Balvenie!

Only a few days ago Jason from the Guid Scotch Drink Blog, was reviewing this gem, and his excellent notes can be found here.

I on the contrary have not tried many balvenies since then. I got to try the Signatory, and the 21 Port Wood, but it has been a few months since i tried a new Balvenie. So it’s high time I did, right?

The ‘Golden Cask’ is a 14 year old expression from The Balvenie, which is sold only at travel retail shops (duty frees). It’s aged in Oak casks and then transferred into barrels that had previously held golden Caribbean rum for a final period of maturation. Hence the name : Golden Cask.

The Balvenie Golden Cask , 14yr , 47.5% ABV (available only at travel retail  – £42)


color: Honey Gold.

Nose: Sweet Nose of Honey, Vanilla and hints of pears and sugar candy, on the edges you can also detect citrusy (lemony) zest. very well integrated.

Palate: Wood , spice, honey,some chocolate notes and sweet malty syrup. Oily and rich.

Finish: First a bit sweet, then drying ,long ending on oak,malt extract and wood spice. Not bad at all!

Summing it up:

Staring with a great nose that you can sniff for hours, and then to a yummy palate , thick and big bodies at a nice 47.5% ABV, this one is stunner. I like the extra sweetness and character that comes form the Rum finish, which is done wonderfully here. A really great dram not to pass on if you visit the travel retails shops on one of your next trip abroad. Now i do need to buy a ticket and fly somewhere. One more reason  😉


Thanks again for my Aussie friend MG for this lovely sample.

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