Open invite to Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador story telling evening

I live in Israel as you know, so i will not be able to attend this event, but for our many UK readers i think this event will be of interest.

So, what am i talking about?

Each month a story telling event called Campfire is held  in a studio in north London, called the Lighthouse. So far this year it played host to a number of different people, from Dr Barry Gibb, originally a molecular biologist and neuroscientist before becoming Science Multimedia Editor at The Welcome Trust, through to Agents of Change a group of renegade artists who’s art is in changing space itself.
This time around, Thursday July 15th, as mentioned, Jamie Milne, brand ambassador for Glenfiddich in the UK and as you can imagine, a passionate whisky lover. So, wouldn’t you be interested in coming down to the Campfire event where Jamie will talk on how he went from an aeronautical engineering degree to travelling the UK helping people learn about whisky on behalf of the worlds most popular single malt? Sure you would!

There will be (some) samples, food, and generally a good evening to be had by all. And it looks like a super evening to me (i wish i could attend!)

here is the invite :

Glenfiddich image

The lovely people at ditto who contacted me and are organizing this event produced a wee video, so check it out!


Lovely event is waiting for you. so remember, July 15th , 07:00 PM, The Lighthouse, London.


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