Quick Dram : ‘Master of Malt’ 40 year old Speyside

Drinking old aged malt is always thrilling, when you think of all the time that spirit rested in those oak barrels in a far away warehouse, aging slowly year after year. How about drinking whisky that was distilled way before you were ever born? Even more cool, right? Well, as you age it becomes harder and harder to get hold of whiskies which are older than yourself. I am 35 years old and it’s getting a bit harder to get drams older than me which are also relatively affordable. I know there are 50, 60 and 70 yo malts, but at what prices! I leave those to the days when I am old and filthy rich, now when I’m younger and not as rich (but happy, that what counts right? ) I try to have the 30 year olds and the 40 year olds…

On my last order from MoM, I purchased a sample of the Glenfarclas 40 yo which I will review soon, and MoM were kind enough as to send me a wee dram of their 40-year-old Speyside bottling. 40 years old… Think of it, when this baby was distilled and then put into a barrel I was a wee lad playing around with friends from Kindergarten. Amazing how things work, eh?

Now that we’re through going down memory lane, let’s continue with the dramming.

Master of Malt 40-year-old Speyside, 40% ABV

Nose: Cinnamon is evident. Sort of smoky cinnamon, Maghool Dates (sun dried), on the backdrop Brown sugar and oak. Very subtle oak, which is surprising enough as this age. I’ve read some reviews about excessive oak but to me this was softer on the oak than expected. Good work MoM.


Palate: Cinnamon is there, Grapefruit too! (I was not anticipating this at all!!) yet with a multitude of spices i can’t pinpoint all but – some  black tea, Cardamom.Dates, prunes and the dried fruit “orchestra” are all there, and the oak is also there but playing second violin, which is good.. very intense, so spicy. very complex, i love it.

Finish: Medium length finish, on the spice and dark fruit salad, hints of tea leaves. Pepper is there until the end.

One of my first over 30 year olds, and one that I really like. At £139.95 Price wise it’s not very cheap as can be expected , but also not expensive at all when you look at what others are charging for 40-year-old whiskies. Very enjoyable, a great whisky for this season, and those grapefruit notes are really nice!


Thanks to the Master of Malt for this sample.

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