Whisky Israel Wins a new honor :)


I am very excited to announce that WhiskyIsrael was chosen by Connosr’s members as one of the leading whisky blogs and sites on the net in its Top Whisky Blog Awards.

WhiskyIsrael has been online for just more than half a year now, and we’re excited and will continue to post about what really matters to us and make us tick : WHISKY. It’s truely amazing that a blog from such a small country with no real whisky culture and BRUTAL taxes on whisky (over 200% mind you!!) has gathered so many followers and friends.

The Connosr award has been awarded for the first time this year, and other blogs on the list include : WhiskyFun (By the one and only Serge) , Whisky4Everyone , WhiskyNotes and other Whisky giants. It’s really amazing to be in a list that includes such popular and respected sites.

I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers and twitteres for their help throughout  this time with samples, information, sampes swaps and much more.

We thank you all!!!

Gal & Kfir @ WhiskyIsrael.

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