American Whisky, Bourbon & Rye on W.Israel – soon!

3-23-2010 1-52-06 PM

It’s right , I don’t taste and review many Bourbons myself. I’ve been thinking of adding some Bourbon,Rye and American whisky notes, to keep compnay to all the scotch i’ve been sampling and writing about recently.

SO…. In the next coming weeks, i will try to review a few of those. With the help of my good friend and founder of the Jewish Single Malt Society Josh (Yossi) Hatton, i’ve been able to get hold of 3 interesting (to me at least) spirits.

so, watch this space for a little American style drams.

first on the list will be:

  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • High West Rendevouz Rye whisky
  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon


2 thoughts on “American Whisky, Bourbon & Rye on W.Israel – soon!

  1. I enjoy your site and glad to find single-mail scotch adherents in Israel. I am an aficionado of Islay single malt scotches, but also have also become an ardent fan of straight rye whiskey. There are some wonderful rye whiskies here in the U.S., where I live. Some have called rye whiskey the ‘American Islay whiskey’ since its complexity, bold flavor, and spiciness are a completely different character from Bourbon, Irish, Canadian, and blended whiskies. In fact, those who love Islay whiskies are often ‘won over’ when introduced to Rye Whisky.

    There a number of wonderful Ryes, three of which are Bulleit Rye, High West Rendezvous Rye, and Templeton Rye. (Produced by three different whiskey makers, all 3 are produced at the same Indiana distillery.) The mouth feel is well-balance, very smooth, with a very nice spicy rye finish. I consider the High West Rendezvous to be excellent (9.5 on a scale of 10) and the Bulleit Rye and Templeton Rye as very, very good (9 on a scale of 10).

    Shell ([email protected])

    1. Shell,
      Thanks. Always good to get to know American readers of the blog.
      I’ve sampled some of the Whiskies you mentioned (bulleit,high west)
      And I’m in the process of reviewing the entire buffalo trace antique
      collection (sazerac 18, weller,eagle rare 17 , etc ). Notes will be on
      the blog in a couple of weeks.
      It’s very hard getting hold of American whiskey here and they do cost
      much more than in the us.

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