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Our First Post / Hello (Whisky) World!

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For some time now, we’ve been blogging about whisky (and food,wine,beer) in our main Blog which is a Hebrew blog.

we’ve written posts about whisky, tasting, reviews, but all were in Hebrew, which is a beautiful language , yet complete gibberish to most of you out there.

Reading a lot of other Whisky blogs ,and getting good feedback on English posts that we managed to translate from our main blog, led us to the conclusion that indeed , there is a place for a dedicated English only Israeli whisky blog.

so here goes. we start here and now. many many ideas already shaping, and future posts are being written as we speak.

wishing us all a lot of fine drams, and future posts about whisky,whisky and then some more whisky. drink up!



Gal & Kfir, Israel


    1. Aaron
      There is no Israeli Whisky industry. Probably cause Israel has few
      Whisky drinkers and a small population and no real alcohol drinking
      tradition. Also hot weather …

      1. Welcome to the whisk(e)y blogosphere guys! I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts.

        So, Kfir, are you actually the one who provided the Moroccan lamb recipe that Gal sent me for our food/whisky pairing experiment?


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